Joe's Priorities

As a Trustee, I truly enjoyed the experience. It was an honour to serve with the late Fr. Kennedy and as my roots are in Ward 6 and as a father of three, I am confident I can continue with sound representation that ratepayers in Ward 6 demand.

My priority: To build on our existing strengths that make Catholic education unique and rewarding. An integration of our faith in every aspect of our students’ lives. To help build a system which will provide our children the sound foundation upon which they will experience an abundance of opportunities in the future. It’s more than just teaching religion; it’s about instilling faith, hope, optimism, empathy and confidence in our children. It’s more than getting better grades in math; rather it’s about developing the critical thinking and problem solving skills they will need in their daily lives. It’s more than getting better literacy scores in EQAO ; it’s about developing effective oral and written communication skills necessary in this ever changing technological global business world. It’s more than Art class; it’s about ensuring a sense of creativity, curiosity and imagination. It’s more than participation in sports; it’s about sportsmanship, working with and making your contribution on a team. It’s competition.

With Provincial budget cutbacks along with declining enrollment, we must continue to be diligent in making the best decisions within the confines of a balanced and limited budget. It’s about our children. It’s about our future- I see no greater priority than them.